In 2004, I started Chileanmetal. At the time, i needed a way to present myself when looking for bands that i could play with. It was easier to show my local influences this way because no one knew any of the bands i grew up listening to.(Necrosis, Dorso, Pentagram, Massakre, Warpath). The project had grown a lot and now showcase bands here and there with some other people working on it as well as myself.

In 2007, I started Digmetalworld. After Chileanmetal was up for a couple of years, i was receiving many requests from bands from Chile, Brazil, Mexico and others to be promoted and hopefully sold here so Digmetalworld was born as a label. It went from worldwide digital distro to worldwide physical distro. Years went by and those countries caught up with the system so Digmetalworld the label for my own projects only. Here i have produced and sold albums from Pirosaint, Quemasantos and All Angels Massacre and still going strong.

In 2010, I created ArmyOfOneTV. After Digmetalworld was up for a few years, i felt the need to work on a way to present the bands that i was selling. The major problem i had was the language so, i started doing video interviews with captions in English for all the bands on Digmetalworld and Chileanmetal. 
After 200+ videos i also started to interviewing local bands (Poughkeepsie, NY at the time) and national acts that came around to The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie.
Unfortunately and fortunately, the tour managers and all the policies didn't let me keep doing these interviews because of all of the systems behind the work and contact for the bands.
Instead, i started to do Concert photography.

In 2012, I created Poughkeepsiemetal. Following the previous ideas and pursuing more contacts, the owner of The Chance Theater gave me the position of House Photographer. I shot all the shows from 2010 to 2015 at The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY.

In 2015, i moved to Manhattan, NY and with the help of a couple of friends i started to get in touch with PRs and labels in NYC and elsewhere. With that i started to work on Armyofonetv doing Video interviews and concert photography in Manhattan, NY which i keep doing it on a weekly basis around the Manhattan area mostly shooting at The Gramercy Theatre, Irving Plaza, and much more including Warsaw in Brooklyn.

In 2017, I created Bocasucia. With my work on Armyofonetv i had the chance to get to know other parts of the city and with that other group of people. Many of the events in NYC are being done by Spanish musicians. SO i created a window for them. Here the idea is to have a section specifically oriented to Spanish language readers and with that i receive material from all over the world from bands in Spanish. Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, etc etc.

In 2020, i created HellTV Metal Television. With all the material received by Armyofonetv, most of the time all of the information from small bands with no PRs or labels get lots and they get no exposure. Here we give to all of those bands a window to show they material no matter how small they are. We only ask for a music video that looks good and sound good.

If i am not playing, writing or producing music, i am reading, listening and promoting the music of others.
It is my passion.

In 2021, i started MetalISVital Press. A PR company and News services tailored to local bands and bands from other countries. Here I push the bands that hired me to do what i do best. 
Create and pursue awareness of metal music.