So, i have started out as a full time photographer in 2014 but the full story started earlier back in 2008. And if you did not know my degree is 'TV Director and Producer' so, i guess started there... back in 1997 when i graduated and got my diploma etc, etc, etc.

In 2008, i started to take picture of events. Mostly family and others gatherings but i have done most of the slideshows of those family dinners through the years...

In 2014, I. started to do concert photography as i was saying on the other page. I believe my first show was Ghost and UDO at The Chance Theater.


In 2015, i started looking to do something more business oriented and with my wife we did Engagement photos under Dutchess Photos. But and then we moved to Manhattan, NY so we turn our heads towards Central Park Portraits which still is going strong. Even after pandemic times and all.


Also in 2015, until now... i have been doing Food Photography under the name of Astorian Foods. I have shot around 200 restaurant in Manhattan in a period of 2 years when i worked for Doordash but during and after that i have been going on and off to Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and more.


In 2016, I started to look for models and start shooting outdoors so i came a cross a lot of them and then in 2018 I decided to start doing Boudoir sessions in a more private setting. Since then its been on and off because of pandemic and mostly the use of the phones and social media but luckily i have gotten pretty good photoshoots done throughout the years.


I have keep doing all of these un til now but in 2020 I created Westside Industry, to look for a more steady and direct way of income, so I have set up my living room as a photography studio where I have been doing Portraits, Products and E-commerce for companies around Hell's Kitchen, NY.

So, here i have uploaded a little of a little from what i have done so far, today i shoot for Live Nation at times, and i am a complete freelance photographer in Manhattan, NY.

If you need me as a photographer my website for that is: but you can book me directly on My Square Page here: where you can fin different options and prices and all the good things.

Btw.. i've said in the beginning that my degree was TV Director and Producer, right?

I do also video editing and video production under

Up here there are some examples where you can appreciate the fact that sometimes I work with material that they have recorded and produced themselves, and sometimes I work from scratch. In any case i am always open to work on your material as well. :-)