PIROSAINT - Bleed (Ignacio Orellana - Drum playthrough)

Many things happen at the same time when you are recording a music video and of course when you are a musician and you are playing to a recorded track. 

Taking in count that you know the song and the music is playing loud enough for you to hear it while all the cameras are rolling and capturing your convincing performance, everything should go accordantly.  

In this case, 

For this video, I used a drum set from a friend with way less accessories that i usually i am used to use to perform these tracks so it was a 'to swim or to sink' situation.

Couple of times one of the cameras didn’t recorded and i realized about it after i got home and most importantly of all… I hadn’t played these song in about three years. 

So,  i would say that after all of that it came out pretty decent.

I know that some people didn't like our video and our point of view so they didn't supported it but i also know that some other people loved it and they told me directly and of course supported us by sharing it to their friends.

For us the video was a way to express visually what we feel about everyday and metal music should be just that; a way that allow us to express it and scream it to the world what is going on but of course it is not 1980's and todays days everyone get hurt and offended...
so it is what it is.

Thank you to all for your support and hope you guys have gave a listen to the record.