SACRED OATH at JC Dobbs in Philadelphia (2011)

SACRED OATH at JC Dobbs in Philadelphia (2011)

The first Sacred Oath show in Philadelphia in probably 20+ years! 

The band Sacred Oath performing their song "Two Powers" from their 1987 album entitled A Crystal Vision (also appeared on their Two Powers 1987 demo, and on the 2005 compilation entitled A Crystal Revision) and also the song "Words Upon The Stone" (from their 2007 CD entitled Darkness Visible at JC Dobbs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 10/6/11.


“We’re all very worried about him,” said bandleader and singer Rob Thorne in an interview with DJ Roger Lotring on 91.7 WHUS in Connecticut last night. 

For the tour, Sacred Oath have hired Chilean drummer Ignacio Orellana. Ignacio has been part of many projects and bands such as PIROSAINT, DOWNFIRE and former METAL CHURCH and current PRESTO BALLET singer RONNY MUNROE's solo band and the charity effort Chilean Metal: Relief 2010. He has also been working on a label that promotes South American Metal called Digmetalworld.

“This is a temporary replacement, and we’re all hopeful that Kenny will recover from surgery and be able to record the next Sacred Oath album,” said Thorne. “We’ve been together for so long, I can’t imagine an album without him. But Ignacio has been a blessing. He is a fantastic drummer, knows the material, and most importantly, is sensitive to the situation. We’re confident the tour will be strong.”

Set list for this show:
1.   Meet Your Maker
2.   Blood Storm
3.   Darkness Visible
4.   The King Must Die
5.   Words Upon The Stone
6.   Counting Zeros
7.   Two Powers
8.   Sandrider
9.   Front Line