RONNY MUNROE at Poughkeepsie Live (2009)

RONNY MUNROE at Poughkeepsie Live (2009)

Former Metal Church and Presto Ballet singer Ronny Munroe performs at the Poughkeepsie Live cable TV show on October 29th, 2009 in Poughkeepsie, NY when promoting its first solo album called "The Fire Within".

For this special occasion Ronny Munroe performed with a back up band, made up with local musicians head speared by guitarist Johnny 'Blackout' of the band 'Thrash Ratchet' and Downfire's drummer Ignacio Orellana.

On this video Ronny Munroe and the band performed 'Hero's Soul *' and 'Deafening Hypocrisy **'.

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Metal Church - The Weight of the World (2004) * 
Ronny Munroe - The Fire Within (2009) **