Ignacio Orellana

I was born in August 29th, 1973 in Santiago, Chile. At age 14, i started to play drums by following and learning the music of 'G.I.T.', 'Soda Stereo' and 'Los Enanitos Verdes' among the others of that time. When i turned 14 years old, a friend of mine gave me a tape of 'KREATOR - Pleasure to Kill' and since then i have been a proud metalhead drummer.

During my third year of high school, i went to play drums for a local band called 'Pirosaint'. By the end of my forth year, we went to record our first demo (1992).

In my first year of college in 1994, i went to record my second demo cassette. I was studying the career of TV Directing because i thought i could do more for my band and its music.

Since then, i have been involved in everything with music, such as concerts, events, TV shows, bands, artists, photography, music videos, etc.

In 2008, i decided to offer my services to the public and that is pretty much why i'm writing this small bio about myself and my business.

Thank you.

(Photo by Rodrigo Terco)